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Why is My AC Running But Not Cooling?

Living in Apache Junction would mean that one requires a functioning AC for a significant time of the year. With temperatures soaring well above the 100-degree mark, homeowners tend to notice when the AC system is not working as well as it used to.

Therefore, a running AC that is not blowing cool air is a scenario that is well known to most homeowners. There are a variety of problems that could be the reason for this, some requiring help from professionals offering AC repair in Apache Junction while others do not.

Top 5 Causes For a Non-Functional AC Unit

Of the many reasons that could be the cause of a poorly functioning AC unit, some common problems affect most homeowners. These include:

There are times when the thermostat may prove to be more complicated than one would there. Therefore, there are chances that it is not properly calibrated, meaning that the AC will not cool even though it is running.

If this is the problem, one would have to set the thermostat to Auto mode instead of “On”. By doing so, the fan only works when the air is being cooled.

  • Obstructed outside unit

The outside unit is an essential component of the AC which also requires a particular environment to function. That is, there should be large branches or other obstructions to cover it. This is because the outdoor unit is known to release hot air.

If the inside of the unit is clogged like the condenser, then the AC will still not be able to cool the unit. This is because the condenser converts hot air into cool air. Any obstruction to this will result in improper cooling. This can only be solved through AC repair in Apache Junction.

  • Improper installation

Some homeowners may also have problems with the AC running as soon as it is installed. If this is the case, then it means that the unit is not installed properly.

The problem lies in the proportion of the AC to the size of the drainage pipes. An AC is said to be installed improperly if the drainage pipes are not proportional to the size of the AC.

  • Dirty Registers

The registers are the vents or grill which is present in the front of the unit. The cold air passes through these vents and into a room. Therefore, if these vents get blocked or dirty, it would mean that the AC will have to work harder to cool a room.

This problem will also mean that the electricity bill will be higher. To get rid of the dirt, the registers will have to be removed and vacuumed. It will also be cleaned during the usual AC service in Apache Junction.

The above reasons reflect how important it is to get good AC services frequently to ensure that the unit is running and cooling simultaneously. Therefore, to attain a complete AC service in Apache Junction, consider contacting Equi-Tech Mechanical. Book an appointment by calling 480-983-4979.