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Why Does AC Run Yet It Doesn’t Cool?

Air conditioners are one of the most necessary household items in cities. It’s difficult to envision summer without the unit. To keep your in-house temperature comfortable, contact ac service in Apache Junction to keep it running smoothly and at full capacity.
The unit’s performance may suffer as a result of a lack of maintenance. If your air conditioner is running but not lowering the temperature, this could indicate a problem. So, before the device consumes too much energy and raises your electricity bill, look to identify the source of the problem and solve it as soon as possible. Some of them include:

  • Thermostat

This is the first and easiest step to understanding why the air conditioner is not cooling. Check the thermostat and see if it is switched on. If the switch is on, the blower will constantly run even when the system is not cooling the home and will bring in warm air from the vents.
Homeowners must make sure that it is set to cool and not to the fan. This would start producing cool air inside the house again. If the unit still blows warm air, you must call out for ac repair in Apache Junction.

  • Clogged Filters

Dirty filters can obstruct the airflow from the unit. With time, filters get accumulated with dirt, dust, and other environmental pollutants. Your air conditioner finds it hard to cool when the filters are clogged. Homeowners must regularly visually inspect the filters and change them routinely.
Clean air filters will give you cool air and ensure the quality of the air you breathe. If you have a family member suffering from asthma, you must change the filter every 2-3 months.

  • Dirty Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of the system affects the flow of air inside the residence. The outdoor condenser coil is responsible for eliminating the heat from the unit. But they are likely to get clogged and accumulate dust on them. In that case, it fails to cool the air and produces warm air.
Homeowners can visually inspect the coils and see if they have any debris. You can even wash the outside unit with a hose gently to clean the coils. A vacuum can clean the area with a brush attachment on it. Make sure that debris falls out of the unit.

  • Refrigerant Leak

This can also be a reason why your unit is blowing warm air. The refrigerant is responsible for absorbing the heat from the air in the evaporator coil. It is a fluid that flows inside the coils in the conditioning system. If there is any leak in the unit, it will stop cooling the air and blowing the warm air.
There can be many signs of refrigerant leaks, like a frozen refrigerant line on the outdoor unit or if you hear any hissing and bubbling near the unit. You must not ignore these signs and call for air conditioning repair Apache Junction.

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