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What To Do About Furnace Rust?

Furnaces are a must-have in every household, contributing to your standard of living and domestic comfort greatly. But you need to take care of your furnace as much as it takes care of you. You can do a lot more than simple furnace repairs in Apache Junction once in a while and easy maintenance services. Keep a check on the components yourself to avoid physical breakdowns that might be caused by rust.

Why Do Furnaces Rust?

The short answer is that it has numerous components made up of metal; hence it rusts. But the long answer is far more complicated. Since rust is the result of corroded metal due to the action of oxygen and moisture on it, it is pretty common in areas with a high percentage of humidity.

Especially during the summers, you might see that a lot of surfaces sweat, which can rust your furnace if allowed to settle and dry out. Even winters aren’t safe; condensed water vapors on the metal surface can weaken your heat exchanger.

Although the reasons mentioned above are unlikely in several instances, the fact that your furnace is very old might be the reason why it is rusting.

Signs of Furnace Rusting

Some minute things go unnoticed, resulting in a rusted or corroded HVAC system. Some of them are:

  • Check for duct or pipeline leakage
  • If you have a gas or fuel run furnace, inspect all openings and closings for leaking cracks
  • A frozen condensate line during winters
  • Inefficient heating with no outside or thermostat damage, indicating an internal breakdown
  • The rumbling sound inside the furnace, which might be caused due to a broken off part

Problems Caused By A Rusty Furnace

Rusty furnaces might sound like minor unfortunate problems in your heating system, but they can pose a threat for you in the following ways:

  • Carbon monoxide leakage due to holes in the heat exchanger
  • Broken pilot light clogged with rust debris
  • Rust laden filter gaps, causing improper heating throughout the house
  • Drain pipes full of residue from corroded furnace body
  • Short cycles because of safety hazards
  • High bills from inefficient furnace functioning due to a faulty system metal body

The Ultimate Solution For Rusted Furnaces

Depending on the extent to which your furnace has rust, you have two options to choose from majorly. Contact Equi-Tech Mechanical for furnace repairs in Apache Junction or contact professionals for complete replacement.

No matter how much you protect it, there comes a time when you need to replace the unit. Rusting is one of the leading reasons why people have to replace their systems. In the process, ensure that you are catered to by the best HVAC service in Apache Junction.

We get the work done for you in almost no time and guide you further to increase the lifespan of your furnace. Protect your system from rusting and your bank account from going down. An efficient unit will make you save a lot on repairs and bills. Contact us at 480-983-4979 today for immediate reliable guidelines and more!