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What Do You Do When Your Furnace Won’t Heat Up?

It can be upsetting to learn that your heating system is not warming your home while it is frigid outside. Even though your first preference might be to start looking for HVAC repair near me or head straight for the thermostat to start troubleshooting settings, many furnace issues begin with more serious problems with your HVAC system.

Quick Fixes For The Furnaces That Don't Heat

Safety is of utmost importance, and by learning how to identify HVAC issues, you can save time and effort and will know when to contact a qualified technician for HVAC service in Apache Junction.

  • Check The Power Source

A power supply is necessary for your furnace to operate correctly, just like any other appliance in your house. A gas source and an electrical connection are vital for a gas furnace. Your furnace might not switch on, heat your home, or show any other signs of life if it is not getting power.

If it appears your furnace is not getting power, there are a few things you should examine.

Breaker box: Check the breaker box to discover if the circuit breaker controlling your furnace has tripped.
On or Off Switches: Your furnace has actual on or off switches. Verify there are no flipped switches.
Fuses: These fuses can become burned out and cut off power to your furnace due to power overloads, replace them.
Gas line: Check if the gas valves are open if you have a gas furnace. Closed valves should sit perpendicular to the gas pipe, and open valves should run parallel. If the valve is closed, open it up.

  • Examine The Ignition Sensor

If your furnace is blowing cold air or not working, it can be due to a dirty sensor. The heat exchanger responsible for heating the air will not turn on the furnace unless it detects an ignition. Try replacing a furnace flame sensor and give it the cleaning it requires to work properly. You can also call an HVAC service expert in Apache Junction.

  • Set The Thermostat Appropriately

If you wonder why it never gets hotter than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you must ensure your thermostat is set to the heating position. Your thermostat will read more accurately and provide better warmth if you move it physically out of the path of sunshine.

  • Check The Furnace Filter

Check the furnace filter if your furnace turns on but is not keeping you warm. Determine whether it is blocked by dust or other debris. Holding the filter up to the light and seeing if any light passes through it will help you determine whether it is clogged. When changing a dirty filter, check if the furnace is turned off and place it, so it faces the furnace’s airflow.

Call For Professional Help

Unsure when to start looking for HVAC repair near me? It is essential to hire a professional to handle any additional troubleshooting required. It will ensure appropriate repair as your furnace works with various gasses, ignition and complex parts.

We at Equi-Tech Mechanical are the masters of heating, cooling, IOQ, ductless HVAC, and heat pump services in Apache Junction and surrounding areas. If your system needs a routine tune-up, we are just one call away. Call us at 480-983-4979 or email us to book an appointment today to bring your HVAC system back on track.