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What Are The Five Most Common Air Conditioner Repair Needs?

The most frustrating thing in the summer season is when the AC system breaks down or works inefficiently. You need an air conditioning repair expert in Apache Junction to resolve the issues soon because the situation will worsen with time.

But Equi-Tech Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating experts have listed some repair tips that should provide comfort and relief, but if the tricks do not work, call the AC technician to come and check out the problem.

You Might Have To Deal With Common Problems If You Have An AC System!

Here are some problems that you might face this summer season because these things happen in every household:

The AC System Is Not Switching On And Working

It probably happens when you take out your AC system from a long winter break to prepare for the summer season and find out that your AC system is not functioning. Well, do not worry; here are some things that you should check out:

  • Check whether you have switched on all the indoor and outdoor power switches and circuits that supply electricity to the AC system.
  • Check the electrical connection circuit if there are any worn-out or loosened wires blocking the circuit.
  • Examine whether the AC circuit is tripped down or not.
  • Survey the condition of the outdoor AC system and look for any irregularities like cracks, wreckage, and gaps in the coils.

If you have an AC system over 12 years old, you should call the HVAC repair near me because the refrigerant levels must have declined due to extensive use.

AC System Blowing Warm Air Through The Vents.

It is unpleasant when you receive warm air from the indoor air conditioning system because it is not functioning correctly. But it is normal, and it happens due to:

  • Dust in the AC air filters and coils blocks the airway.
  • Grimes accumulated on the condenser coils prevents the heat exchange that decreases the capability of refrigerant to cool the indoors.
  • Frozen evaporator coils obstruct the heat exchange, and the blower fan blows the same warm air.
  • Diminishing refrigerant or leakage in the refrigeration coils are also responsible for the AC system blowing warm air.

No refill is available for an AC system that uses freon as the refrigerant chemical because EPA has restricted its usage. There are alternatives available, but you need air conditioning repair experts in Apache Junction to check the compatibility.

Water Leakage Issue

When the AC provides services for more than six years, it builds a problem where water is dripping from the unit. It happens probably because:

  • Clogged condensate lines
  • Cracked condensate pans
  • Faulty airflow pressure
  • Malfunctioning evaporator coils.

Frozen Outdoor AC Unit

It is weird to find ice on the outdoor AC system condenser fins because the ice from the refrigerator melts quickly as it is kept in the outer environment. Here are some reasons why it happens, according to HVAC repair experts near me:

  • Insufficient airflow
  • Declined refrigerant levels
  • Blower motor problems
  • Malfunctioning contractor

Temperature Detection Issue

A thermostat sensor near the evaporator coil detects the temperature of the surroundings and adjusts the cooling accordingly. The AC might start showing irregularities if the thermostat is not intact in its place.


Ask the air conditioning repair experts in Apache Junction to install the thermostat without any mistakes. Call Equi-Tech Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating for help if you are dealing with a malfunctioning AC system.