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Tips To Decide Between AC Repair vs. Replacement

Air conditioners are electronic devices and are bound to some technical glitch. However, when your AC breaks down more than usual, it is often a debate between an AC replacement or an AC repair in Apache Junction. There are some tips that every owner must know about AC repair vs. AC replacement.

Read on to find out whether your AC requires a repair or is it time to finally say goodbye to it.

What Does An AC Repair Include?

When your AC is less than a decade old and has a malfunction, your first decision must be to call for an air conditioning repair in Apache Junction. A repair would include fixing any broken parts that are causing the AC to malfunction. If you call for AC servicing, it would also include cleaning, refilling refrigerant, and ensuring the ducts and vents are working. For your AC to have lesser repairs, you must call for regular maintenance from your local HVAC contractors.

Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

1. It’s been less than a decade since you bought it

Generally, AC’s that aren’t older than ten years do not require a replacement, and most malfunctions can be fixed with an AC repair. If you have ensured proper annual maintenance throughout the years, an AC repair will likely suffice.

2. The issue lies in the thermostat

The thermostat allows you to regulate the air conditioning system to your preferred temperature. This can be solved with a quick AC repair in Apache Junction.

3. Unusual noises

The air system employs a circulating blower fan and motor to push air down your home’s ductwork and out of the vents. If you hear shaking or thumping, it’s most likely the fan, which is now swaying and has to be repaired.

What Does An AC Replacement Include?

An AC may malfunction once or maybe twice a year if it is nearing the ten-year mark. However, anything more than that means your AC deserves to be put to rest. Call an HVAC company for a replacement and they will expertly install the system to your already existing equipment.

Signs Your AC Need Replacement

1. It is older than 15 years

An AC can maximum serve you for 12-14 years, maybe 15 if you’ve taken good care of it. So if your AC is older than that, you would only be wasting money on expensive repairs when the solution is a replacement.

2. Repairs have become frequent

As we’ve mentioned before, a repair once or twice a year is normal. But if the technician is visiting your home more than ever, it is wiser to replace the AC.

3. Higher energy bills

An old AC often raises your bills because it cannot keep up with todays’ temperature. It works harder to cool the air and hence requires more energy.

Look over what issues your AC is facing and decide between a replacement or repair. We can help you get a better deal on your AC repairs. To get the best air conditioning repair in Apache Junction, call us at 480-983-4979.