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Reasons For A Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

An air conditioner has thousands of wires and various electrical components that may malfunction, causing the whole system to stop working. Here are some of those reasons that may force you to contact your technician for AC repair in Apache Junction:

Mechanical Issues

The basic components of an air conditioner that play a vital role in its functioning are its fan, evaporator coils, compressor, condenser coils, and expansion device. Moreover, an air conditioner has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. These components cool your indoor air for your comfort.

Issues with any of them can force your system to stop working. The best way to understand which component is creating problems for the system is to contact a professional for annual preventive maintenance schedules. Such schedules will ensure that these components are in their best working conditions.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters are the commonly-known parts of an air conditioner. Almost all air conditioner owners know about air filters, their roles in the working, and how to take care. However, most owners continue to ignore the problems that air filters cause.

Air filters purify the indoor air by keeping away dirt, dust, allergens, pet hair, and bacteria. Also, they provide a smooth airflow path for indoor air inside the system. Over time, they get dirty and clogged and stop functioning efficiently. Clogged air filters force the system to work harder to suck in indoor air leading to more wear and tear and gradual breakdown.

Insufficient Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant turns into gas on the evaporator coil surface, transfers the heat outside your home, and turns back into liquid form. Thus, refrigerant helps significantly in cooling your home.

Insufficient refrigerant levels will halt the cooling process. If the levels remain low for a long time, your system will not work. Contact a professional technician for air conditioning repair services in Apache Junction to refill the refrigerant.

Blockages Near The Outdoor Unit

Most air conditioner owners pay attention only to the indoor unit and neglect the outdoor unit completely. However, your system will not work efficiently if the outdoor unit faces problems.

The outdoor air conditioner unit faces a common problem with blockages like vegetation and boxes, blocking the warm air path and forcing the system to work harder and for more hours. It can increase your energy bills and the number of monthly repairs.

Wrong Size or Old Thermostat

Your air conditioner should match the requirements of your home. For example, purchasing and correctly installing the rightly-sized air conditioner is important to get its best results. An air conditioner or ducts that are too large or too small for your home will create unnecessary problems.

Also, the thermostat connected to your air conditioner should match its specifications for proper working. An old thermostat with a new model or vice versa will create problems like wrong temperature deduction or temporary breakdowns. Contacting professional installers before purchasing a new model can help you avoid these problems.

Equi-Tech Mechanical can easily help you understand your air conditioner’s various specifications. Contact our customer care desk at (480) 983-4979 or at to know more about high-quality AC service in Apache Junction.