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Is It Hard To Install An Air Conditioner?

We ask the same question repeatedly even though deep down we know the answer to the question of whether the costs will ever go down? The expenses are never going to go down. Still, it does not mean we should start cutting down necessary expenses, like hiring air conditioning contractors near me for installation services.

Most people often ask our Equi-Tech Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning experts whether AX installation is tough or if anybody can pull it off? So, we are here to clear all your doubts!

Can Anybody Install The Air Conditioning System?

According to experienced AC installation experts, installing an air conditioning system with precision and accuracy is not easy. Unless you are a qualified and well-trained professional, you might make a mistake during the installation process, which might sometimes bring high costs in the future. You should contact an air conditioning Installation technician near me for all the installation jobs because after considering numerous factors, one can install the AC system without any risks or faults.

What Are The Benefits Of Calling An AC Professional For The Installation Process?

Here are some advantages you get from calling an air conditioning contractor near me, and it is worthwhile despite high cost:

  • You get a professional warranty and guarantee on the HVAC services that cover all the charges of the additional services required due to mistakes in the previous service.
  • The AC technician is provided with high-tech tools and modern equipment to finish the service within minutes which could have taken hours.
  • You can sleep and rest peacefully knowing that a professional technician handled AC system installation, so the chances of developing a risk are less.
  • All the technicians have experience handling any HVAC emergency if it happens during the installation process.
  • A technician follows all the safety protocols and adheres to all the guidelines and industry standards.

Things To Remember Before Installation That Only A Technician knows!

The DIY and easy installation videos and blog posts on the internet will help you install the AC system quickly, but there are some small tips to consider before installing the AC system:

  • Look for the duct system for any gaps, tangled ductwork, or cracks in the ducts issues because it can cause inefficiency.
  • There should be a gap between the mini-split AC outdoor unit and the wall to which you are attaching the unit. The gap is necessary to ensure space for the condenser fan motor to create sufficient airflow to discard the heat from the system.
  • The drain lines and pipes are installed properly to ensure the condensate from the indoor unit should collect in the drain pad, and the lines should not obstruct each other.
  • The refrigeration pipes running from the indoor AC unit to the outdoor AC unit should be covered with insulation.
  • Before installing a window AC system, it is best to modify the window by inserting aluminum and wooden panels.


A little mistake during installation can risk the house’s structural integrity due to leakage issues. Sometimes, the entire air conditioning process disturbs when the vital AC parts get damaged due to mismanagement.

It is extremely important to take a risk and install the air conditioning system yourself. It is better to search for an air conditioning installation near me to help you with the process.

You can call Equi-Tech Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating experts at affordable costs for the best and most expert services! Call (480)983-4979 today to get a quote!