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How Often Should a Home AC Be Recharged?

It is common knowledge that AC units require frequent AC tune-ups and occasional servicing as well. Especially in a place like Apache Junction, AZ. Of the many repairs and servicing that are done, technicians offering HVAC service in Apache Junction usually check the refrigerant levels.

In case these levels are lower than normal, they will require refilling. This process of refilling the refrigerant is known as recharging an air conditioner.

In general, homeowners looking up air conditioning contractors near me will be advised by said contractors to recharge the system only when experiencing problems. These problems include:

  • Decreased efficiency

If one happens to notice that the unit no longer releases cold air or that the frequency of each cooling cycle is increasing, it may point to a decrease in the efficiency of the system.

This is because the decreased refrigerant levels will mean that the unit is unable to cool large quantities of hot air at a given time. In addition to this, electricity bills will also show an unexpected increase compared to the previous months. All these signs will denote that the unit requires recharging.

  • Accumulation of ice

In case there is a crack in the unit through which the refrigerant is leaking out, it will require HVAC service Apache Junction. This is because one will notice that the region around the unit, especially the outdoor unit, will see a build-up of ice.

This build-up occurs because the AC is low on refrigerant, causing the evaporator coil to get too cold and freeze over. The liquid refrigerant will also make its way into other components of the system. For example, if it reaches the system’s compressor, it could cause major problems as the entire unit will require replacement.

  • Hissing sounds

Amongst the many sounds that the AC unit tends to make, if it hisses, it could point to problems with the refrigerant. In addition to this, some homeowners who face similar problems also report a bubbling sound. Both these sounds show that there is a leak in the system. Therefore, the Freon will be escaping through these cracks resulting in the hissing or bubbling sound.

  • Mold Growth

The increase in moisture in the system can also have other lasting impacts on the unit. Before the unit can freeze up, it will be a breeding ground for mold and other organisms. This can cause two major problems. Firstly, the mold will impart a dank smell throughout the region that is receiving cooling. The other problem is that the air quality will decrease drastically.

Therefore, the above signs show that recharging the unit can be vital to ensure that it is functioning properly. For homeowners that are currently facing this problem but require convenient ac service consider contacting us.

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