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How Often Does Home AC Need To Be Recharged?

When asked this question by a professional AC Mechanic Near Me, the short answer is “hopefully never!” You may be scratching your head right now, but let us help you out with the explanation. Refrigerants, like gasoline in gas-powered appliances, have the common misconception of depleting over time. But, this isn’t the case with refrigerants.

The use of air conditioners increases during the summer months, which leads to a certain amount of wear and tear. The air conditioner’s cooling ability is reduced as a result of this. An air conditioner’s performance can be improved by using R-22. It would help if you had this vital fluid running continuously through your air conditioner to ensure that you have a comfortable indoor temperature.

What Is A Refrigerant?

A/C systems use either R-22 (Freon) or R-410A, which is more environmentally friendly. Due to the phasing-out of R-22, it is becoming more expensive and more difficult to find. In contrast, if your air conditioner is older, it will rely on Freon as a refrigerant, which will cost you more money.

To circulate heat from inside your home to the outside, where it cools and is recycled, refrigerant is a pressurized chemical composition that is used. It’s essential to look for certain telltale signs of trouble before calling an Air Conditioning Contractors Near Me for a replacement or a recharge. The following are some common signs that an AC needs to be recharged:

A/C Unit Not Cooling

Even though The AC is running continuously, yet it doesn’t produce the desired cooling effect, which could be a sign of the R-22 and freon problems. You should call an HVAC specialist like HVAC Service Apache Junction in this case.

Increase In Electric Bill

However, if despite the air conditioner’s continuous operation the room doesn’t get cooled and the electricity bill increases instead, it could be a sign that the air conditioner needs more Freon to function correctly.

Warm Air Coming Out

The AC may not be able to absorb more air if the refrigerant level is low. As a result, warm air will enter through your vents, reducing the amount of air that can be blown out of the vent. Warm air is a sure sign that your AC needs to be recharged.

Refrigeration Line Ice Formation

Due to low levels of Freon, ice can form on the outer lining of the air conditioner, especially in the central outdoor unit, such as the fan. This causes the evaporator coil to become cold and the liquid to flow back into the refrigerant line with low Freon levels. The resulting moisture will freeze. HVAC repair Apache Junction can help you determine how much Freon is in your system.

Acoustic Anomaly In AC Unit

If the refrigerant leaks; as a result of constant drips or leaks from the air conditioner you may hear bubbling or hissing. We offer AC Repair in Apache Junction and AC Replacement in Apache Junction at a reasonable cost. Give us a call at 480-983-4979.