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How Frequently Should You Change Your HVAC Filter?

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your HVAC system is to change your air filter regularly. This ensures that everything runs properly while also minimizing your energy costs.

But how often should you change your furnace filter? Here are some general recommendations and tips to help you figure out the best time to change your HVAC filter.

When Should Your Home Air Filters Be Replaced?

It is suggested that you should change your air filter by searching for the best HVAC repair near me every 30 days if you are using less expensive fiberglass filters. High-end pleated filters may last up to six months. However, these guidelines are based on average use and do not consider filter size or type.

Is Anybody in Your Family Allergic to Anything or Has Asthma?

Indoor air quality is just as important as outside air quality. Pollution in the air has the potential to be hazardous. On the other hand, indoor air may be worse than outside air. If you have an asthmatic or allergic persona in your home, they will be far more vulnerable to airborne particles than other people.

In such a case, you should make sure the furnace is being changed frequently to ensure safe and clean air circulation.

Factors That Affect How Often You Should Change Your HVAC Filter

Here are a few factors that will help you figure out when to change your HVAC filter.

1. How often do you use your heating and cooling system?

One filter may last a season or even a year if you live in a mild climate and use your air conditioner or furnace for a few hours every day. If you use your HVAC system often, though, you’ll need to change the filter every few weeks or get an HVAC repair near me.

2. Your house’s measurements

If you live in a smaller home, your air conditioners and furnaces will have to pump less air for the exact temperature change, which might mean fewer filter changes. However, since the device used to cool the tiny space is generally smaller, you may need to change the filter more often than in a larger home.

3. The air in your home is of poor quality

The air quality outside and within your home impacts the HVAC filter replacement cycle. If the air quality out is poor or if you have pets inside, you’ll need to replace your air filter more often.

Check your air filters and furnace filters at least once a month. If they get dirty, they should be changed with a new, clean air filter. You can determine whether the air filter is dusty or clogged by holding it up to a light source while removing it from the air handler. If you can’t see the light through the filter, it’s time to replace it by calling a professional heating contractor near me.

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