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How Do You Reset Your HVAC Safety Switch?

How Do You Reset Your HVAC Safety Switch?

An HVAC safety switch is a switch that is installed in the HVAC system to prevent the system from starting up when something is wrong. If the AC stops working, it will prevent the drip pan from overflowing by automatically shutting off the power to the HVAC system.

This is an important switch because significant damage could happen to the HVAC unit and your house without it. Ensuring this switch is installed correctly and understanding how it works will give you peace of mind because you are being proactive against potential damage.

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Benefits Of The HVAC Safety Switch

An HVAC safety switch will prevent:

  • Water damage: A leaky drain pan and clogged condensate drain line is a problem for the home. The overflow can cause water damage throughout the house. The HVAC switch is needed because it will sense the water and shut off the power to prevent further damage.
  • Dangerous mold from growing: If there is a lot of moisture, mold will begin to grow. If leaking water goes unnoticed, it can lead to airborne spores, which can be dangerous to your health. The safety switch can stop that and give you a chance to fix the problem. It also will give you better air quality.
  • A fire hazard: If there is an electrical problem with the furnace, it could cause a fire. The switch will notice the problem by sensing the current and will shut off the power to prevent a fire from happening.

These HVAC problems are severe, and you will need to call a professional to resolve the issue while the HVAC is turned off. If you search for HVAC repair near me, you’ll find Equi-Tech Mechanical and get the best service in the Apache Junction area.

How To Reset The HVAC Safety Switch

To get your HVAC safety switch to reset, you’ll need to follow the steps described below:

  1. Locate your HVAC safety switch:
    The switch isn’t always in the same place; it depends on the AC unit. Sometimes it will be by the furnace, near the air conditioner, or in the electrical panel. The location could also be determined by vertically or horizontally mounted air conditioners.
  2. Turn off the power to your HVAC unit:
    You can do this by using the circuit breaker or by unplugging the unit.
  3. Drain the water from the pan:
    You must drain the water to reset the switch. The best way of doing this is by using a wet/dry vacuum. Remove the drain line and vacuum the water out. If your unit is horizontal, you will most likely have to remove the drain line to vacuum all of the water out.
  4. Set the thermostat:
    Turning on your air conditioning and setting the thermostat to cool will help reset the switch because it will go through the startup sequence.

These steps should reset the switch properly. An HVAC safety switch is not a cure-all but an important part of your HVAC system. By having this switch installed, you are protecting your home. If your HVAC does not have a safety switch, they have low installation costs.

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