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How Do You Clean A Moldy Furnace?

Mold accumulation in a furnace can degrade the efficiency and performance of the system, along with the health and immunity of residents’, especially if someone has a mold allergy. Before the mold infestation pushes you to look for ‘HVAC repair near me’ even if you cannot erase it, cleaning and removal are crucial to saving you the struggle.


The warm climate and humid weather make for good reasons to suspect a mold, other than the mildew-like or musty smell in the house or unexplained nausea, dizziness, or headaches that are limited to the home.

Waiting for visible signs to take action against mold is not advised, and in case of overwhelming infestations that can be treated without fishing for a ‘heating contractor near me’, robust techniques and quality ingredients are essential. To protect yourself from the harsh ingredients you will be using, EPA recommends wearing overalls, rubber gloves, and eyewear along with an N95 mask.

Before the removal process, for safe access to the heating and cooling units, evaporator coil, ducts, and drip pan, turn off your HVAC system, which will also prevent the spread of cleaning solution fumes and harmful mold spores.


Scrub and vacuum

With your choice of EPA-approved cleaning agent, soak the moldy areas in your ducts and around the vent openings for five minutes. Use paper towels to soak any excess solution and scrub in circular motions with a brush or rag, for the added precaution you can vacuum the area. In 6-mil or thicker trash bags, dispose of your mold removal rags by double-bagging and similarly dispose of the removed filters.

Alternatively, follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you’re using a commercially prepared mold killer. Or make your solution with a mix of one tablespoon household detergent, half tablespoon baking soda, and one cup of water or 1 part bleach in 16 parts water for non-porous substances.

Mold removal fogger machine

For this method, follow the manufacturers’ instructions if any, and except for one open to access the ductwork, cover all the other heating/air-conditioning vents. The machine can kill mold spores with high concentrations as it atomizes a mold control solution into a fine mist for even surface application and it is purchased or rented through a hardware store.

Apply inhibitors

To prevent mold from growing again after the clean-up, use EPA registered mold growth inhibitors as per manufacturers’ instructions, without inhibitors the fungus is expected to reappear in a few weeks.

The final step would be to install new air filters and keep a close eye for any new growth. In case of frequent and stubborn regrowth, reach out for professional assistance to evaluate any hidden mold or moisture problems that need to be repaired.

Along with being cautious and patient, the whole process of removing molds appears laborious and time-consuming and even after finishing all steps, the possibility of undetected molds remains. The experts at Equi-Tech can be the answer to your overwhelming mold growths and all ‘heating contractor near me,’ and ‘HVAC repair near me’ hunts.