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Have a Heat Pump? It Needs a Fall Tune-Up as Well

Maintenance for your heat pump should be performed every year. There are several maintenance tasks homeowners should keep in mind in preparation for winter. As with all of your appliances, your furnace needs proper care and attention throughout the coldest months of the year, particularly because it is the main reason why your family can stay comfortable this winter. Look for a reliable heating contractor near me and get your heat pump serviced for maintenance.

Why Does a Heat Pump Need to be Serviced?

A heat pump can also be serviced in the spring and fall. If you want to reduce the wear and tear that a heat pump suffers, you need to treat it as if it were two separate systems. As heat pumps work in winter and summer, they need to be tuned to match the season. An inspection of your heat pumps before the arrival of summer or winter will help you know if they can handle the heat and the cold.

No matter how they are running, heat pumps have the same components. These include the compressor, two refrigerant coils, fans, capacitors, etc. When a heat pump switches from cooling to heating and back again, the only thing that changes is the direction the refrigerant moves. So, stress and dirt accumulate as the heat pump works through the summer, preventing it from working during winter. This is why it’s imperative to have the heat pump inspected and tuned up every two times a year.

Reasons Why Scheduling a Heat Pump Check This Fall is Crucial:

If you want to get your heat pump checked this fall, here are the top reasons that you shouldn’t delay:

  • Regular furnace maintenance will extend the life of your furnace for years longer than it would otherwise. Excessive friction can cause a furnace’s various moving parts to fail, corrode, or jam, resulting in lower functionality and a shorter lifespan. This may be avoided with regular maintenance.
  • An expert can see small problems in your system with trained eyes before they escalate into larger, more significant problems. As a result, your furnace repair will go much more smoothly and cost less than if your HVAC technician had to replace a huge number of parts.
  • If your heat pump isn’t working properly, carbon monoxide emissions can increase, putting your home at risk of fire. When your heat pump is working at its hardest in the winter, performing regular maintenance and replacing carbon monoxide detector batteries is crucial to keeping your family safe.
  • You may wind up paying considerably more than necessary to keep your house warm throughout the winter if you overlook furnace maintenance. If your furnace has a dirty filter or another problem, it will have to work extra hard to attain the temperature set by the thermostat. As a result, even if you don’t use your heat pump as much as normal, your energy bills will skyrocket.

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