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Do you Need to Reset your AC After Changing the Filter?

Air conditioning units are now among the essential components in our homes and offices. Despite the hot weather outside, they keep the space comfortable and maintain the room’s fresh air. It should be fairly simple to change filters or take other similar maintenance actions and can usually be done on your own.

Thanks to the most popular tried-and-true DIY technique for resolving small issues, you can reset the AC. Let’s examine the reasons for and procedures for resetting the air conditioner and how to receive best HVAC services in Apache Junction

Why Should your AC Be Reset?

You can check whether there are any other difficulties with your AC by resetting it. A reset can also be helpful if your AC is not operating, even in a cool setting. The system will reboot and provide cool air after a reset.

In addition, due to the protective circuit breaker, your air conditioner might not fully start up if there is ever a power outage. These circuit breakers guard against electrical problems and fires. If you believe your air conditioner has a more serious problem that can’t be resolved by rebooting, contact the experts at Equi-Tech Mechanical by searching for air conditioning contractors near me

Steps for Resetting your AC

  • When considering resetting your air conditioner, turn off the thermostat first.
  • Next, locate and reset your circuit breaker unit. If you have a basement, the breaker might be there.
  • The circuit breaker switches typically have labels, making them easy to navigate. Wait 30 seconds after turning the air conditioner’s circuit breaker off.
  • To turn the light back on after 30 seconds, flip the switch.
  • Return to your thermostat and slowly turn it on. Wait while ensuring that the temperature setting and the temperature displayed on the thermostat are accurate.

All that’s left to do is wait after you’ve reset your thermostat and air conditioner. Hopefully, all the actions you’ve listed above will solve any issues with your thermostat or air conditioner.

Many air conditioner issues are the result of a breakdown at the circuit breaker unit. There is a strong probability that these issues will disappear after you reset that. Contact Equi-Tech Mechanical when searching for air conditioning contractors near me to assist you if you do not get the results you were hoping for.

When Do you Need an Expert?

It’s time to look for a professional if the circuit breaker on your air conditioner frequently trips and cools down slowly. This suggests that there may be a significant issue with the system, so it would be advisable to schedule an HVAC service in Apache Junction immediately. Additionally, it is essential to get professional assistance if the breaker panel does not have a protective sheath and the wires are exposed to ensure safety.

The Significance of Routine Maintenance

The air systems that aren’t receiving regular HVAC service may frequently break down. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo maintenance or tune-up at least once a year.

Contact the professionals at Equi-Tech Mechanical if you need any HVAC service in Apache Junction from qualified experts. Call us today at (480) 983-4979