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Are Annual Furnace Inspections Necessary?

All furnace manufacturers advise yearly checks and upkeep by a skilled technician. If you hire a certified heating contractor near me; you would know that the HVAC warranties state inappropriate maintenance-related damage is not covered by the warranty.

Benefits Of Regular Furnace Inspections

Newer furnaces should be inspected every other year, but once they reach the ten years mark, you must consider a yearly inspection. Here are several advantages you may anticipate if you plan to have a qualified HVAC specialist evaluate your furnace:

  • Maintains The Indoor Air Quality

The service professional for your annual tune-up will clean your HVAC system from the inside out. It prevents your furnace from dispersing airborne contaminants once turned on.

If you are uncomfortable changing your air filter, you can opt for a furnace repair technician in Apache Junction, who can do it for you.

  • Lowers The Cost Of Repairs

Since annual maintenance inspection plans enable HVAC experts to find and solve minor issues before they develop into more problems that could potentially endanger the survival of your furnace, they are a cheap and easy solution to avoid expensive repairs.

  • Energy-Efficient Solution

The only way to ensure that high-quality furnaces perform to their full potential is to maintain them in top condition. Every component of a furnace needs to be cleaned regularly. The dirt and grime can accumulate and prevent the furnace from operating efficiently.

  • Increased Durability

Furnaces, like other appliances, work extremely hard, and if they are not properly maintained, they may break unexpectedly and without warning.

Skipping maintenance checks is asking for problems. The furnace can last for 15 years or longer if you keep them regularly tuned up.

  • Ensure Safety

A gas furnace malfunction might be hazardous. If a gas leak or carbon monoxide build-up is not fixed immediately, it could be dangerous for your health.

Fortunately, a regular furnace repair in Apache Junction can keep your furnace in good operating order to ensure that these issues do not occur.

What Does An HVAC Technician Do?

Since there is no mandatory standard for furnace inspections, each company will define what services are included. The following list of some vital services that most experienced HVAC technicians offer.

Virtual Inspection Of The System: Check the vent system, including the internal connections inside the furnace and the termination outside the furnace, to ensure no leaks or obstructions.
Analysis Of Combustion Gas: Calculating and comparing the measurements of combustion gasses to the manufacturer’s requirements.
Access Door Blower: Ensuring the seal is tight at the furnace.
Intake Of Fresh Air: Inspection of the fresh air or cold air return vents for obstruction.
Cooling Exchanger: Searching for leaks, corrosion, and rust in the heat exchanger.
Drenching System: Condensation builds up during heating of the air and needs to be removed from the system.

Call For An Annual Furnace Inspection

Annual inspections are a great way to keep your furnace in peak condition. If you are tired of repeated furnace issues, search for a heating contractor near me. If you hire a professional to conduct the job, you will get a comprehensive range of routine maintenance services, ensuring that your family may always breathe healthy and safe air.

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