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8 Big Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are essential to keep the summer more pleasant and comfortable. But few missteps that you make might undermine its productivity, efficiency, and lifespan. Listed below are the eight common mistakes people make with their Air Conditioner.

You Are Ignoring The Sizing Requirements.

If your AC unit is too small for your home, there won’t be sufficient power to increase the performance. In contrast, an oversized air conditioner continually cycles off and on, resulting in unfavorable temperature changes and wear & tear on your system. Find the expert air conditioning installation near you and let the technicians help you get the right size of the air conditioner.

You Are Setting The Thermostat Too Low.

Setting the thermostat to a low level may seem like the best way to save money while keeping your home cooler. But it can cause your air conditioner more damage and problems. The AC won’t stop running until it reaches the set temperature, leading to wasted energy and higher utility bills.

You Are Leaving Your Windows Uncovered.

The air conditioner works hard to keep your home at a cool temperature, by covering windows on a summer day will block the heat from invading your home. It will help your AC system by reducing its work and ensures to keep the home cooler for a long time.

You Are Not Arranging a Regular Check-up.

Air conditioning uses a refrigerant that absorbs heat from your home, dispersed outside. The leaks in this refrigerant might make the system less efficient.

You Are Cooling Empty Rooms.

When it comes to home air conditioning systems, people tend to ignore the damaging effects of cooling empty rooms. It will potentially damage the efficiency of your AC unit, increasing your energy costs and shortening the lifespan by 15%.

You Forget To Change Your Air Filters.

AC filter cleaning is a simple task to overlook. Neglecting the dirty filters makes your AC work harder with less efficiency, resulting in poor indoor air quality and higher electricity bill outcomes. Hence, replacing your clogged AC air filters once a month is suggested.

You Are Not Using The Advantage of Fans.

Ceiling fans ease the burden of your AC system by circulating the cool air throughout your home. Take advantage of your fans in the warm season and spin them counterclockwise to enhance the superior airflow.

You Are Neglecting The Quality of the Thermostat.

Constantly adjusting the temperature will put excess pressure on your AC, and over time, it will lower the system’s performance. A programmable thermostat helps you control the temperature to save energy and reduce your bills.

Final Thoughts

An air conditioner is one of the critical appliances in every home. Even a small mistake you make will have a big impact on the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

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