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5 Issues Caused By Closing The Vents in Unused Rooms

It is a common misconception that closing the vents in unused rooms will help save energy. While it does sound good in theory, people fail to realize that blocked air vents tend to put more pressure on the air conditioning unit and may even cause premature breakdown of your unit.

Closing air vents can increase your energy consumption more than normal. When the vents are closed, it causes your air conditioner to push the excess air into other places of your home, which also causes insufficient airflow.

Here are Five Reasons You Should Not Close The Air Vents in Unused Rooms –

  • Damage to The Ducts

Closed air vents can be a problem for the air ducts as they may cause leaks and damage to the ducts. On average, 20 – 30% of air is already lost through tiny leaks, and when the air vents are closed, the increase in air pressure leads to bigger problems. You will have to search for air conditioning contractors near me for repair service.

  • Un-Insulated Walls

Blocked air vents can be the cause of high electric bills. Since the interior walls are not insulated, if you close the vents in one room, the temperature of that room would get warm. The heat will transfer through the walls and make the other rooms’ temperature warm. Eventually, your air conditioner will have to run a little longer to make your room temperature cool.

  • Insufficient Airflow

Every HVAC appliance requires proper maintenance for them to work efficiently. When the air vents are blocked, your HVAC unit is put under more pressure and works harder to cool the room. It causes unwanted breakdowns. It may also cause dangerous effects on your air conditioning unit.

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The release of carbon monoxide into your home can be deadly. Carbon monoxide is undetectable to humans. It can cause oxygen deprivation in organs where oxygen is much needed. Closed air vents can easily cause the heat exchanger to crack, releasing carbon monoxide. When this happens, you need to shell out extra money for a new Air conditioning unit and start looking for air conditioning installation service near you.

  • Foul Smell

When the air vents of a room are closed, mold starts growing in those areas due to condensation. You may get a foul smell when you turn on your air conditioner. When the mold starts growing inside the ducts, you need to call a professional to clean them.

What Can You Do Instead?

Although closing the air vents may seem like a no-brainer, it’s suggested that you always keep your air vents open. It can help maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. You can even close the air vents partially instead of completely shutting them. The important thing is that the air should still be able to pass through the air vents.

Regardless of how many air vents you close, your HVAC unit will produce the same amount of heat or cooling. Instead of trying to save energy, you might end up wearing down your unit.

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