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4 Ways To Reset Your Air Conditioning System

Like many other home appliances, air conditioners continue becoming more advanced and, as a result, may occasionally need to be reset. Even older models that suddenly stop working can benefit from a reset instead of calling for air conditioning repair in Apache junction, especially after a power outage.

The Four Techniques To Reset Your Air Conditioning System Are As Follows:

Deactivating the air conditioner: Turn off the air conditioning unit. Go to the panel that controls your circuit breakers to turn off the breaker that powers your air conditioner. In addition, ensure that the outdoor power switch connected to your air conditioner is in the off position.

Identify the button. The majority of air conditioning appliances feature a reset button. These buttons are often small in size and red in color. See the device’s owner’s manual if you have problems identifying it. Most references are easily accessible online (if you can’t find them).
Hold the reset button for between three and five seconds, and then release it.

Restart your air conditioning system. Ensure that all switches, including the one on your breaker panel, are in the “on” position before proceeding.

Resetting the air conditioner with the reset button: Locate the button marked “Reset”. Most air conditioners are equipped with reset buttons, making their reset considerably easier. A reset button is distinguished by its minuscule size, red color, and explicit designation as such. If you cannot locate the button to reset the air conditioner, review the owner’s manual to determine if your unit has such a button or call for AC repair in Apache Junction for assistance.

Find the circuit-breaking switch: Find the box containing your circuit breakers. Find the circuit breaker that controls your air conditioner and turn off the switch. Typically, circuit breakers are situated in a residence’s crawl area, closets, or basement.

By utilizing the services of an expert: When the wires supplying electricity to the air conditioning system are exposed outside their container, resetting an air conditioning unit with exposed cables can be pretty hazardous when operating alone. You’ll be endangering your safety.

Exposed wires can cause sparks. In addition, the wires are a possible source of power surges, which could cause the circuit breaker to trip frequently. That could result in irreparable air conditioner damage. Even after attempting to reset the unit, the air conditioner remains inoperable. 

You will need to call a specialist to troubleshoot the system if you have unsuccessfully attempted to reset your air conditioning unit numerous times. The specialist performing the
air conditioning repair in Apache Junction will evaluate the entire air conditioning system to identify and locate the source of the issue.


Typically, you can reset your air conditioner by pressing a reset button or resetting the circuit breakers on your electrical panel. However, clicking the reset button will not solve all of your issues; all it does is restart your air conditioning system and give it a chance to recover from whatever caused it to stop working.

As previously said, if you lack the confidence or experience to traverse the inner workings of electrical equipment, it is not suggested that you try any maintenance or repair work on your own. An HVAC professional from a reputable company such as Equi-Tech can do it effectively.